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Safe Home Wanted

Oliver is a six month old (possibly younger) Staffordshire bull terrier puppy, who was being offered for sale and was fortunately snatched by a caring individual from the clutches of a questionable buyer. Sadly the caring individual who bought Oliver in order to keep him safe is not in a position to hold on to him and has asked us here at Achnabreac Kennels to try and find safe home for him.
Full of fun and mischief Oliver is as friendly as you could wish for, with oodles of enthusiasm; however, sometimes overly curious (a typical puppy) he needs to be taught socialisation skills and to learn about boundaries and limits (he just can’t go kissing every dog he meets!).
Although currently living in a kennel here, we have been led to understand that Oliver is house trained and certainly is used to being on a lead, his vaccination history is not clear and we would advise talking over re-vaccination with a vet, but flea, tick and worming treatment has all been done very recently.
Desperate for companionship and security this wee chap needs an experienced owner/s who can devoted time, patience and understanding. Exercise and discipline are absolutely key to Oliver’s success to becoming a well-balanced pet and any potential owner must factor this into their decision to re-home him.
If there is room for Oliver in your life and in your home and you can offer him security please call Louise at Achnabreac Kennels 01546 606 695